I remember making a product for my customer that was using a db
When I tested the product before showing it to the client, everything was good and fast and clean.
When I gave it to my customer, he was very happy, after few days he emails me about the product was very slow, I checked the database and it had a lot of *testing* shit made by him and when I asked my customer why the db has so much useless things he told me that he was learning how to it. I had no words, can't you just create a database MongoDB, MySQL or whatever you want to learn locally and play with it? Then he emails me later about a fucking refund because HE fucked up with the permissions of the db

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    There's a spot where they had put cement somewhere at my grandparents house and while it was drying a cat walked over it. So now there's cat prints in their cement
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    How much testing could the customer really have done that it brought the speed of the app down so badly? What happens when they just get a lot of data?

    It kinda sounds like poor database design tbh. Hopefully that isn't the case
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    @torpkev nah he just started modifying the settings and play with files, it was fast, but it had a lot of bugs, like crashing every few mins
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    Ho flush that fucking shiti client or make an offert for a prebuild linux image with mysql on it XD
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