Ken Thompson. I like this guy. This guy FUCKS!

Seriously tho, I like his way of thinking

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    Ken is great and all, but I'm not sure your reasoning is the best there. I know plenty of guys who fuck, but most of them are solid morons ;-)
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    @AlmondSauce Morons or not, some of them can be morons and still do good.

    IDK, I wouldn't call Thompson a moron (professionally), at least judging by its work. Just like I wouldn't judge Sinatra (professionally) for being.. well.. who he was :)

    Personal qualities aside, I like his line of thinking. Deep tecnhical and analytical thinking, considering all the pros and cons of either choice and making solutions as reusable and as simple as possible.

    BTW, the "this guy fucks" was a Russ Hanneman's reference :) That's not the wording I'd normally use.
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    @netikras Heh, I thought I may have been missing a reference there. I'm deeply uncultured :-)
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    @AlmondSauce my my, shame on you :)
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