Anyone else get the feeling that you're whiling away your weekend when you could be getting stuff done that you found important/likeable? It sucks to realize you get 32 hours of waking time and not one meaningful ("important but not urgent") thing gets done in that time.

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    @fzammetti any thoughts here? You've kind of become my virtual mentor, heh.
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    @cst1992 Haha :) I know that feeling and my only thought is taking a cue from Office Space: learn to embrace doing nothing. Not every moment in life has to be about productivity, as long as you're enjoying yourself. For me, after busting my ass all week, just dumping it on the couch for a few hours and watching movies can be a great time. But, when I actually DO want/need to get stuff done, the only thing I've found that gets my ass in gear when my brain is saying no is a checklist. I write everything down (Google Keep for me), even small things like "take out the garbage", right next to big things like "write the next chapter" or whatever, then I start tearing through it, usually in quickest-and-easiest to slowest-and-hardest order, and by the time I get to the hard things I've built up momentum from the easy things and can get stuff done. My OCD hates that list, so this works for me :) Even if not everything gets done, progress is made. A list isn't original advice, but it works :)
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    I've been keeping a list of daily tasks myself over the last two years (Sheets for me), but I've gotten so used to adding stuff to it over time that I end up ignoring stuff in it and it becomes a task graveyard.

    Problem with whiling away the time is that I don't really get very good job satisfaction from my current company and want to join a new one, so want to devote some time to that over weekends, among other things.
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    @cst1992 Do you mean devoting time to actual job search or tuning your skill set for the next job? Because I definitely say to have a passion project or two on the side that allows you to play with technologies your current job doesn't allow for, that's a good way to feel satisfaction and look forward to weekend time as well as making it productive AND helping make you more marketable. Doesn't matter what the project is, doesn't even need to be something that anyone else will ever see, just has to be something you're interested in.
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    @fzammetti I do have a GitHub repo, but it only contains some small stuff like shell scripts, etc.
    No serious projects.
    I also considered starting my own blog, but the idea just remained in my head.
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