Hey, anybody have any ideas what sentence/workd should i put as a Title and the subtitle beside the logo ? i make that title and subtitle choosen randomly after each interval

this is a fun project competing with my co-worker.
and the theme is a twitter clone, but for job seeking.

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    Job Time
    Show this recession who’s boss.

    Adequately noisy service

    Cost of use
    Cheep cheep cheep

    Cost of use
    Fits your budgie

    Get a Job
    Monetary benefits!

    Meet coworkers today
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    @enigmamachine this is actually amazing LMAO. thank you so much
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    Have some more.

    In a lucrative mining job

    A Little Birdie
    Tweets referrals

    Soar High
    Onward and Upward

    Woop de poop

    A Job In The Hand
    Worth two in the bush

    The Early Bird
    Gets gainful employment

    Job Hunt
    No more goose chases

    Golden eggs
    You’ll lay. Hmm?

    Duck Soup Easy

    Count your chickens!

    Pecking Order
    Be at the top

    A birds eye view

    Like a working peacock
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    @enigmamachine if you're good at something, don't do it for free haha
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    @JoshBent i'm started to feel bad. Even this project is not even a business
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    @wowotek very broken english, but I hope I got what you meant (sort of)
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    But without twithoes
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    @JoshBent sorry just woke up 🤣
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    @JoshBent I used to do creative work for a living. It is about building immediately communicative mind hacks. It is harder work than development because it can’t be forced without losing effectiveness even though you have a deadline. And there is tons of finishing time spent doing invisible things like make it okay for colour blind viewers. (The backend doesn’t matter to customers in communication design as well.)

    I left the industry because people don’t value the work. “It’s just drawing pictures.” or “Anyone can do it.” or “The solution is so obvious...now that I see it)”. Try getting people to pay even with a contract. I was paid a lot more for creative talent/skills than I get as a developer but with the caveat that customers avoid paying.
    I liked computers as well so I switched industries into a position that I can be creative with tech. People basically dump money on projects that are the tiniest bit innovative but doesn’t confuse users.
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    @enigmamachine You can still use that knowledge in dev for web design, UX,.. also sounds like you had private clients and no escrow, that's how anybody gets fucked, if the client decides to pay and not an escrow system, you won't see that money, be it a high tier beast or a john doe. I'm sure you could have made more use of that creative juice if you just had the support from the escrow system.
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    @JoshBent interesting. I don’t think systems like that are very common in my country except for big ticket contracts because of the legal cost to establish. Usually you make a claim to a court based on the size of the breach.
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    @enigmamachine it's mostly digital nowadays, easiest is to get your client (physical or not) onto the platform to handle that, e. g. upwork, the client pays upfront and it stays at the escrow, then once you're done it gets released, sounds like there's a lot of issues, but it works.

    Through the same platform you could also find work yourself, if physical client conversion isn't your thing.
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