I've been a developer for 15+ years, all the time as a consultant with so many different clients, have been mobile developer(ios and android), front end, backend, and many other roles, I love programming, but lately, I don't know, don't feel excited about it anymore.

I lie on every interview when they ask what am I looking for in a project, to be honest, everything looks the same to me, just showing some parsed data, which is provided by a backend which is stored in a database, at the end everything resumes to this, I do not see any challenge, or any interesting thing about this anymore.

I don't know, I mean, you can get good money on this profession, be in big offices and stuff, but, there is something missing, at least for me, is like, nobody speaks each other, no friendship, no honesty, no connections, is like, come on, we spent most of our most useful hours day after day in here, there should be a connection or something, I see many people(including me) having lunch with their cellphones, is kinda sad, I wonder if it was like that in the past.

I don't know, it feels so gray lately.

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    I feel you. I use to be a graphic designer, and switch to full stack dev doing projects for startups from the ground up. But after a time, it feels like everything is just a database with a skin.

    Yes, developers are harder to talk to, or get to know their experiences, since for them the world is logical. Most of them are too stable or too cynical. Which contradicts with the unpredictable and emotional environments of an arts school for example.

    My advice is, work in places where you can switch projects frequently, and with a good men/women ratio.

    Be more in touch with your feelings, be it by reading self help stuff or having several friends as confidants. Get an artistic hobby. Life needs drama.

    Logic is only useful when programming. For everything else, just go with gut feeling
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    I feel u, my solution is that work is work... I go there for 20hr/week, leave and socialize elsewhere, that also gives me the time to work on project in which I am interested
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    @funvengeance 20h/week? Teach me
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    @bartmr @funvengeance same here, teach us oh great master
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    @arcioneo @bartmr just have a half day working contract
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    @funvengeance What country are you in? Here in Portugal everybody frowns when you want to work less than 8 hours. Hard to get part time deals, if any. Which is a shame. Because I do everything with hot-reload and Typescript, but there's only more work to do if I finish anything faster. Some bosses even prefer to keep technical debt and have all employees take all day in a task than to solve it and have people work less.
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    @funvengeance saw your country. I need to pack my shit and go there
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    @bartmr it's the sam here, it's not the country but the company. I had offers that were like: 'U gotta work for 8 hours, but a couple of times a month u gotta overtime to 12'. I think u could find a part time company
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    @funvengeance There should be an union for tech workers. I know I sound too commie, but we need to put a stop to overtime before tech becomes like all the other job markets.
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    @bartmr the capitalist won't mind your union if he could hire someone else for the same price(or less). My goal is to trick the capitalist believing that I work more, than I actually do.
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    @funvengeance If it was two years ago, I would've answer "Oh no, that's not fair". But yeah, now I'm just "Yap... fuck it". Altougth, I always try to squeeze my own learning path on the job in every minute I find. Solve all the tasks right away, and then study my own stuff. Its a freedom guarantee to have new skills when something goes sour in your company.
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    @bartmr I do a similar thing
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    This shit is so real on sooo many levels man
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