How many of you have started a job and ended up doing something totally different, and how did deal with it?

I was hired to be an SQL Developer, writing reports, views, stored procedures etc, but knew I would be asked to do some work on some internal c# apps.

Roll on almost 2 years and I'm pretty much a DBA in all but name, and the C# app I was supposed to be doing a little work on is now mine, so as well as being the sole programmer, I'm also the product owner, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support.

All of this and I've not even had a change in title, let alone a pay rise that reflect the new roles and responsibilities I've taken on.

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    Get your title updated. If they won't, leave.
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    You can believe or not but I started as flash developer once and ended when I spotted I am main ceo meeting/chat pal and having constant meetings with directors who ask me for advice without a single raise or change of position.

    I don’t know the value of money or stuff I just don’t care. If you don’t know either ask or find someone who can help you.
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    Applied to be a developer
    Now I make a living cleaning up other peoples messes - i mean fixing application bugs
    Developed a grand total of two pages
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    @Owenvii do legacy maintainers get payed better than new app devs?

    I think the market here favors legacy maintaining.
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    @galileopy really? it's the opposite here, new app devs are usually Highly Paid Consultants that swan in at huge contractor rates, make shitty balls of mud (a.k.a "systems") and then move on to the next new thing.

    Maintaining legacy software is a mugs game
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    @unsignedint 🧐

    It might be a cultural thing.

    "To maintain is to keep making money.
    To develop something new is a gamble."

    I think most people here (this country) will agree to some form of that thought.
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    I was hire for backend developer. After 2 and half years. i become full stack developer (react), mobile developer (React Native), WebGL developer, Unity. Developer (just enough to help debug error ), NetOps, DevOps, IT Support,Team lead, technical lead, Product owner, All support (level 1, level2, level3) and scrum master.
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    Dont worry, you arent alone. For my example....

    I was hired as "that guy who will clean up wordpress sites with malware". From that point... where it's gone...

    - solo fullstack dev (altho if our frontend has time he does frontend but never JS for me. I hate JS.)
    - DBA
    - Servers admin
    - Internal IT support ("hey, my printer isnt working" why cant I say "fuck off")
    (including beeing applecare... dont... Don't even mention it, I hate apple products, I hate mac OS and Im entirely lost within it. Whenever I see someone asking help with macbook im like "fuck my life")
    - 2/3 line support
    - a miniscule part of sales (okay this is for taking notes what client wants, what can I offer him, what can be done etc)
    - solidity (ethereum, yay... ;-;) dev at some point
    - universal natural language to google query translator (I picked that from my own will to decerase "im pissed off" situations)
    - apparently teacher
    - analitics guy
    - tester
    - PO to some extend
    - to some extent I help with paperwork
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    I started a job as a php developer. I coded the company a custom CMS. Shortly after they had me running marketing campaigns like Google ads with zero experience. I even did better at those than professional marketers they hired. Lol.
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