"Almond, I thought you said the cause of the outage the other week was that our server crashed?"

"The Tomcat server crashed, yeah. Not the physical server." (And you won't give me the time or budget to spin up any kind of redundant one, but that's besides the point...)

"Ok, but I've spoken to ops and they say none of the servers have gone offline in the last month?"

"Yup, the physical server was fine, it was the Tomcat server running on it that crashed."

"...so the server didn't crash?"

"We're mixing terms here. There's two things that can be referred to as the server. One is the physical machine, and one is an application running on it. The physical machine was fine, but
the application running on it crashed."

"What?! It's a very simple question. Did the server crash, or didn't it?!"


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    “Fuck you”
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    Kill it before it lays eggs.
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    - The application crashed. Physical server is okay
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    @M1sf3t what have you brought upon this sacred land child
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    @netikras "But you said, the server crashed."
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    @Nanos I said that initially. That was the problem. He was basically saying "But ops said it didn't crash. One of you is lying."
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    @cst1992 @netikras Yup, I would have had exactly that response.
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    @Nanos Problem is they're not lying, and I prefer staying on the side of honesty so it doesn't bite me in the rear end later.

    As some other comments & rants of mine have shown, I'm perfectly capable of kicking off and causing a scene when the situation allows for it - sometimes though that's just not tactially advantageous.
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    The problem isn't whether or not one of you is lying.
    The problem is that the manager isn't ready to listen.
    I don't think you have any option other than let the matter escalate and explain to the manager's boss.
    Or involve him yourself.
    It sucks though.
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    "You're not listening."

    "No I can't simplify this; it's already as simple as it gets."

    "Okay fine. The radio in the car went out; the car is still fine. I fixed the radio."

    "Imagine it has a radio ffs. I don't care if your car doesn't. It's an analogy!"

    "No not analogue, analogy. Like example."

    "I'm trying to explain! It's an example to explain what happened. Oh hell you're useless."

    "You know what. Everything is fine now. Nobody lied. It's all working."

    "You're wasting time and money by still trying to talk about this. Everything is fine. But since you're so adamant, I might as well tell you that it's going to keep happening unless you give me funding to fix it."

    "Yes it's fine now! But I can only fix the symptoms whenever it gets sick. I want it to not get sick again."

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    @JustThat Is it the 'Heisenburg Principle' or are you referring to Schrodinger's Server?
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    Server and service
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