Ya sure 0-2 yes experience with all those requirements + 5 more items hidden cuz of my tiny screen.

What is even more interesting they would like that person to know Swift UI.... It's not even out of beta ....

Also must know C#? For real... Those people do xamarine and native projects and they r not even a software company, they sepcialize in architecture

I hate it when people do this, like take the best at lowest price, that poor Dev is busting his ass to get your job done and you take the profit and give him the remaining change?
Hope this world doesn't get worse than it is....

By the way, job is for Full stack iOS developer 🙄

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    The rest of their requirements 😪

    Full stack iOS developer is expected to know Asp.net core, docker and Azure cloud. WHAT .... THE... FUCK!!
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    I'm surprised they didn't add Mandarin Chinese as a requirement.
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    It's really interesting that the requirements start with "0-2 years relevant experience".
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    @sbiewald That's the worst thing about it, if they were asking for 6-10 years I'd understand, but meh...

    @Jilano I assume they expect it to come out of the box with the candidate >_>
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    @gitpush It's just the usual: They search for a person fresh from university with 20 years of experience, while paying for an intern.
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    @sbiewald unfortunately true :\
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    "Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent"
    That's like saying a civil engineer or a fucking construction worker....
    Instant bin from me.
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    Looks like some HR guy pulling buzzwords out his ass.
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    "0-2 years
    Familiar with Git"
    You're asking too much, pal.
    Frickin' Linus Torvalds himself didn't know Git at 2 years experience.

    (j/k I know there are lots of people who know Git at 2 years experience, but still)
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    @cst1992 welcome to 2019 T_T
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    I’ll send my 2y old kid resume to them.
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    In other words, you must the literal god of everything coding, software development

    From the sounds of it though, you could probably just say some made up stuff and they will buy it. Just use as much confusing tech lingo as possible.

    I mean, they did just make the requirements by googling 'skills for a software developer/engineer' right?
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    @Biggy I might as well send my neighbor's newborn, I'm sure he'll ace it

    @Owenvii It does look like it, I mean I saw lots of postings that have many requirements but this is beyond expectation, if only HR who wrote these requirements then might understand he not knowing, but if they consulted a developer and that's what they came up with, I feel sorry for the guy who's gonna work there
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    0-2 years of experience.

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    Most of them arent required but is a plus. They basically want an iOs dev with some backend skills. That kind of experience totally gainable in 2 year. And you said that is full stack job. What do you expect from full stack? Just javascript?
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    I can translate.

    0-2 years.. = the salary level we expect to pay.

    Rest of the requirements... = the 6-10 year experience of seasoned full stack and dev ops we hope to find someone gullible enough to hire for a 0-2 years salary.
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    This is the problem with capitalism.

    What I do is, I like to read the requirements as a series of logical ORs rather than ANDs.
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