So I was driving work today and an cyclist ran into my car on a equal intersection. Luckily nothing has happened to him, but car is kinda unusable.

Yeah, it was a good day.

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    A guy on a bike hit your car and now your car is unusable? I'm real confused how a bike can cause enough damage to make a car undrivable while not injuring the cyclist.
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    @sylar128 Well, windscreen shattered. He hit me on the left front. Probably with helmet. I can't drive if it's broken, right?
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    Holy molly :D

    I'm glad the guy is alright, now to the obvious question: how does that work with the repairs? Surely the cyclist is not required to have an insurance for his bike..?
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    @Pyjong Obviously. I've got his data and raport that he's caused the collision. Really, I just want him yo pay for windscreen. I'll cover rest.
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