"oh cool. you must have good job perspectives."

"you just use a computer. that's not real work. do a job where you use your muscles. lazy student."

And the best:
"Can you gift me with computer parts for free" or "can you copy program XY for me? It cost to much."

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    Germany, the country where people are still hesitant to use typewriters.
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    Well, I must say that I'm really surprised about this point in Germany..
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    @Coffe2Code Germany has much “better “ than that, trust me.
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    I am also amused by the lack of IT Companies Germany has, while there is also a decent amount of good Open Source Projects out there :-). Great Job CDU ;-p
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    @kescherRant and where fax is still the hot new thing everyone's been waiting for
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    At my local pharmacy they use an iMac running Windows šŸ˜‚
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    What. The. Fuck.
    You really have to be stupid to use such an old computer
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    Use Windows XP at hospitals tho.
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    @kescherRant actually inthink the enigma did quite well as an advanced typewriter...
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    @Krokoklemme Who the hell still uses fax? šŸ˜³
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    @Yamakuzure too many companies in Germany
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    @Yamakuzure Fax is considered an official way of delivery and has a binding character / delivery proof, so is mail (post), but not email. This means if you send (for example) a contract cancellation by fax, it is considered delivered, while when sending by email you're out of luck if they don't specifically allowed it in the terms and thus don't process it.
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    @saucyatom thanks for the clarification!
    We have fax included in our network copier, but I don't remember when the last one arrived...
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