Decided to try keepass again and the combination of it all nowadays is just (nearly) perfect:

- Keepass2
- KeepassXC Browser extension (the only reason for "nearly" since NatMsg tries to emulate keepassxc but sometimes fails)
- KeePassNatMsg
- Syncthing
- Keepass2Android

There's tons of more things to discover still, but that already gave me a much easier (especially backups wise) and plugin setup than what I had before with bitwarden!

Syncthing also _just works_ (not like it used to be) which makes me all the time question what's wrong with it haha

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    Give Bitwarden a try, more modern, open source, CLI version available, ...
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    @AurumMan79 nice reading comprehension
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    @JoshBent Oups.
    About the backup with Bitwarden, it's easily done with the cli version if you never tried it.
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    @AurumMan79 I not only tried it, I had my own wrapper for scheduled encrypted backups :P
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    @JoshBent What did you use for encryption?
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    @AurumMan79 a cryptfs implementation with instant non encrypted flush of the cli exported backup
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    I use Keepass, its just what i like.
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    That's pretty much my setup and I'm quite fond of it! Also a fan of AutoType (especially for game launchers).
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    Have you tried the 'Kee' browser extension? Works alright for me.
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    @endor oh, I've looked at it, but they tried to push their own password manager of sorts so I got weirded out and didn't 😅 will give it a try!
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    @endor sadly doesn't sound all that promising looking at their issues, e.g. https://github.com/kee-org/...
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    @JoshBent yeah that move was a little worrying for me too, but the plugin itself still works just fine in my experience.
    I had the weird autofill issue too in july, but it disappeared after the latest update, so I'm guessing that the author simply fixed it without bothering to reference the issue.

    I'll have a look at the KeepassXC browser extension and see how it compares.
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    @endor just tried kee, hey it works amazingly well, changed to it for now too, will tell if anything odd comes up, thanks!
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