Does anyone from here working by GMX? I am specially looking for a sysadmin.

The story is the following. We can't send emails to GMX addresses in general. I've contacted my provider, and they said, that they've contacted GMX several times but no solution has been made so far. This was almost a month ago and the problem still persists.

If anyone from here willing to help me clear this mess, or just give some explanation, I would be grateful. We are loosing reputation as a company having to answer from a different email address.

If it is a sensitive info please give me a channel where we can speak about the details.

Please note I am not a sysadmin by the hosting company, i am simply a customer of theirs.

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    GMX/Freenet/.. all of those are dogshit companies and do nothing good, most of them at random lock you out, have no proper support line, didn't support https or utf8 for the longest time and more, you're better off moving and sending a hard announce to people that messages to the old email will bounce (keep it just in case some don't understand though and still mail you)

    In the future handle it with mx records on your domain rather than relying on a third party domain.
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    I might not understand your comment completely or i wasn't clear phrasing my question.

    We have our own domain, we are located in a different country even. Our customers are using GMX and I am not able to reply them because my mails are bouncing. They claim (GMX), that they got no blocking in place, but my hosting confirmed that from a different range they are able to access them without problem.

    And the whole thing stopped right there. No progress for a month.

    I can't tell my customers to stop using that piece of shit right? 😅
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    @Teosz it's the same as telling Google to stop implementing their own random and secret spam filters, it's useless, as I said, they are a bunch of dipshits, you could try to use an smtp bridge with e. g. Gmail in the back and see if that solves the GMX not receiving issue, otherwise you're much out of luck, just like many that during registration or during handout have a small print about shitty email providers like that.
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    Right now I'm replying from a gmail address, and it works, but i wanted to avoid google as a data processor. So it seems that literally the only solution would be to switch providers or host my own mail server on the vps, but that didn't work out well the last time I'd tried.
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    @Teosz believe me: avoid hosting your own mail server, except if you want to now go full-time into managing that dogshit, by keeping your domain, IP in good standing, reporting to whitelists, reporting to blacklists, keeping them updated all the time, adding patches until master finally merges it, ..

    you could try some managed mail services too, if you're fine with paying some for google to not put their ass in, though most of your clients will have gmail behind anyway, so google will grab onto parts everywhere it can still.





    You can have mailgun post to one of your endpoints, store it or redirect to another email etc.

    Could also try if https://tutanota.com/ or https://protonmail.com hits gmx client inboxes.
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    I've tried hosting my own, lasted for two weeks i guess. It's still giving me nightmares.

    Paying is not a problem, since we already paying for our existing solution.

    Thanks for the suggestions I will look into them.
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    Oh, mail is bouncing. There's no way that including the FUCKING EXACT bouncing reply right in your question could POSSIBLY yield better answers, right?
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    @Teosz if paying isn't an issue definitely check out mailgun, though first check out tutanota and proton, as those would be easier solutions for sure.
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    You really think that it wasn't the first thing that i've tried? I am that rare type of person who doesn't call the support as soon as something goes down. I try to find and fix the problems myself, and when I am failing to do so, only then I will ask for help.

    But fyi it is a 'failing for a long time - retry time not reached' message. Literally I can't do anything about it, since I am not the sysadmin there, nor have I the appropriate privilages to adjust anything on the server.

    My post was in a desperate hope, to find someone who might know about this certain issue, since it seems like my hosting provider pretty much can't do anything.
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    @Teosz Ah, that one! There's probably one 554 error, but that may be sent delayed although the sending time would be before the "failing for a long time" replies. Look for this one.

    Also check out your mail server whether it's listed anywhere on https://www.dnsbl.info/ and if so why.

    Four reasons are common:

    1) Someone is spamming from your mail server.
    2) Someone is using your mail server for mailing lists.
    3) Someone is sending "unknown recipient" bouncing replies to spam mails that have a forged sender address.
    4) Someone is forwarding all his emails to another email address, possibly a GMX one, including the arriving spam. GMX notices a lot of arriving spam from your forwarding mail server and blacklists it.

    4) is the most nasty one because it's a completely innocent mistake. Check that on all your customer accounts.
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    Error is sent immediately after I hit the send button. DNSBL returns all OK, my provider really cares about blacklisting issues.

    They mentioned that GMX told them that someone tried to connect to them from the shared ip my server is on, but they are denying that they've placed a block.

    Although my provider confirmed that not only the exact ip, but the whole range (.0/24) can't access them.

    Sadly since I am just a customer in this case my options are limited. I believe that my provider already find the rogue account and made the necessary measures and we are only waiting for the non-existing block to be raised.
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    @Teosz Mh what is the setup here? Are we talking about a mail server at some web hosting provider that is blocked? So that by "provider", you mean "hosting provider"? And "shared" means "shared hosting"?

    Or do you run a mail server yourself on a dynamic IP? So that "provider" means "internet access provider"? And "shared" means "dynamic IP"?
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    The first one. That's why I know that I won't find the solution here, it is not even in my power to fix it. I was just looking for some insider info, if any.

    Edit: sorry for confusing you.
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    @Teosz Yeah OK, in that setup, I got GMX ban my hosting provider's mailserver through email forwarding including arriving spam. That's how I know this exact error message. Thing is, that happened suddenly after YEARS. Worse, it's shared hosting, and I also got all other customers on that server into the same trouble.

    The hosting provider should check for unfiltered email forwarding from any of his customers using that mail server to any external email address.

    It gets worse from here. If that is the case, Web.de will also block, and that will also propagate to Gmail. While removing the forward will have GMX and Web.de recover by themselves after about two weeks, Gmail will require extra manual steps with filling out their support form.
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