How about "it's not your business to know that as long as they deliver what's necessary"?

That whole tracking and screenshot software movement for remote work is so vile, main reason I work at fixed rates where I just add a percentage of space on top and then do new contracts if they exceed that.

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    I'm interested in fixed rates, did you come up with a formula you use to calculate how much you should charge a client?
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    @AurumMan79 @Haxk20 had a formula I believe, I personally just go with "is this worth it to me for this amount of money?" simply because I have so much stored away by now by passion projects people paid very well, that I don't need to grab everything anymore, not even if it pays a buttload but I don't feel like it
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    @Haxk20 wow did my memory really kick the bucket again? I thought I've seen you post one always, something about "monthly rent times X" or something like that
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    @Haxk20 well fuck, I have no remote clue who else it was then @heyheni - was it you? lol
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    @heyheni the upvote was that a "no it wasn't me"? haha
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    @JoshBent yes that was me i guess.

    @AurumMan79 How to calculate your hourly rate.

    Cost of doing business for a year
    + contigency
    + profit margin
    + your salery
    = / 1680 hours (40h/w) = your hourly rate

    Cost of doing business is everything you'll need to to business it consistst of office rent, electricity, office materials, computer, aquiring customers, marketing and advertisment, travel costs, memberships and subscriptions, visits to conventions, insurance, bookkeeping, taxes, think on everything that costs you money so that you don't go bankrupt.

    A contingency is your insurance if something goes wrong or over budget.

    you like to make a profit don't you? the profit marging determines your sucess choose wisely.

    the salery you like to pay yourself.

    1680 hours equals to a 40hour workweek with 213 days of work per year.

    except from the "cost of doing business" you are free to set your price.
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    @heyheni awesome, so it was you, thanks for the detailed post!
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    @heyheni Thanks! Why can't I upvote your post when I'm using the web version of devrant...
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    @AurumMan79 ublock is blocking it, it's an old thing, just force your adblock list cache to refresh and update your lists or deactivate it on devrant, either one fixes it
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