Any of you play rainbow six siege on pc??

I ain't the best at it but i am willing to play with others and just have a good time!

Hmu if you would like to play a few rounds :D

Will post usernames and shit if some are willing to give it a go, or we can talk in telegram if you want :D

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    not interested myself, but you should call regions, otherwise it'll be a lagfest.
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    I played it for a few hours when it was blowing up (insane Steam sale so eh). Never played it afterwards, I think that was when my group found L4D2, lol.

    I can try to make time in a few days (ping will be horrible though, I get 260+ on US servers in Overwatch).
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    Thought it would be more of a tactical game but its just a run and gun fiesta
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    @tekashi if you play it without a team and comms then pretty much man
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    @AleCx04 ion have friends
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    Tried, either my internet is garbage or there are other factors in their servers that cause massive lag for me.
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    Let's share gaming accounts.
    I put my steam id on the profile.
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    Haven't played it in a while, but I could give it a go again

    Uplay handle: AllahIsDank (don't ask why)

    Telegram: @Krokoklemme

    I play on EU btw
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    @scor i'll hit you up once i leave work for sure :D
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    @M1sf3t i wouldn't say declined. Rogue Spear is old af.

    In my experience with siege it is all about tactics and skill. And it is really important to actually talk to your team members.

    I hate playing the game without a team that I know. But with my friends it is a fucking blast man. Have a group, we take rotations, who scores the least has to pass the session to another and we all learn and literally plan depending on the map. Each map plays different with different operators and weapon/team combinations and i flipping love it.

    That and I got 3 competitive level players from pubg and cod playing in the team. Their input is gold.
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    @macleod2486 on one of my guys it seems to be the problem man, the game is heavily optimized, but i normally blame it on shit internet connections.
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    @JoshBent true. I am on the US, forgot to mention that but even inside of Texas we have some shit connections sometimes.
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    @tekashi i'm your friend. Play with me.
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    @AleCx04 texas food on the other hand is beyond delicious, maybe because you can literally roast an entire animal alive by just putting it out in the sun :P
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    @AleCx04 @tekashi @M1sf3t to be fair, I was one of the early accounts and as soon as I started playing sledge eventually, I would rush the entire enemy team down by hammering down specific spots I learned and shooting them down through little side-wall cracks lol

    I loved it exactly because of that, that if you do spend more time into it, you learn much more strats you can (ab)use, places you can neatly hide the drone for later use or knock out tiny holes that peak the entire corridor,..

    Once they started introducing those OP characters that have literal wallhacks n shit, I was out, that game went right where it belongs, into uninstall queue.

    Even gave it a chance much later, but they yet again introduced some weird ass operators that just have a very hard to balance and unfair advantage, not to mention that you each time need to buy those operators irl, since it started being nearly impossible to get enough in-game currency.
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