Every internship i am doing, i somehow end up being the only person working on the android, with no other person remotely knowing any stuff about it, even though the company's only user related product is an android app.

I want to have some fucking mentor or senior damn it to give me *some* tasks, why are you asking me to make everythin?

Damn , what have i gotten myself into

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    But on the other hand, why so much expected from a beginner (or self learning) dev? I wonder what are expectations from those people who are hired as software dev solely on the basis of their knowledge of data structures and algorithms
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    I'm in the same situation, hate it. As an intern I'm supposed to learn and produce, now I'm only on production mode. And I produce like an employee which is illegal in Europe because I'm paid peanuts.
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    Lol It's more common than you think. There's enough people out there that think of mobile as some kind of weird voodoo.
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