So.. in the AngularJS we had Promises and Deferred objects and in Angular we have RxJS and Observables and Subjects... and I spent last few hours googling for something like "deferred equivalent in angular" with no useful result at all, because, well, "Subject" is not the first damn thing to come to mind when looking for "Deferred" synonyms.. who the hell is making up these names?
It's like "well, since this is a new framework, it should also have completely different(and unrelated) names, so that it does not resemble the old one at all".

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    RxJS is AFAIK not a standard part of Angular and (also AFAIK) ngrx (that's where you might see RxJS together with Angular) was designed to mimic React+Redux. Maybe that's where the confusion comes from.
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    Generally about modern JavaScript frameworks not just about Angular...

    Observer, Proxy and value descriptors (getters, setters) are usually used in context of JavaScript reactivity. It has little to do with problems of asynchronity that Promise and Deferred objects try to solve. These two patterns however can and usually are usually used together.
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