So some ass**** stole the battery of my scooter over night and I got too late to work and missed an important meeting. Nice. Thanks for nothing?

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    Did you just censor the weong part of the word?
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    It's like I'd say *****fucker
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    Yes I did. I noticed it like 30 minutes after I posted it..
    Pure rage talking there 😂
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    @Emphiliis I like you. You get robbed and still laugh here.. That's the soul mate 😂
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    Generally, I am mostly laughing about such stuff, because it's not worth to be angry and being in a bad mood.

    Well, at first it was just 'damn, the scooter does not start anymore. Now I have to take the bus and I'll be late...'.

    So, on the evening I took a look, I first thought battery or fuse died.
    Then I opened the battery case and just saw a big empty hole.

    My emotions in this situation in the correct order:
    First: confusion
    Second: denial
    Third: laughter

    Well, new battery costs about 30Eur, and I'll 'secure' the battery case using screws with different heads that you do not have a screwdriver in your average toolset. Its just security through obfuscation, but I think that's enough in real life.
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