- Hi, I need this config set up on the server. What do you think? Could you do it?
- Yeah seems fine. But we need to assess it properly.
- Ok, let me show you in details.
- Err.. hmm, reach out to me tomorrow.
** Then he stays offline all day. **

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO **REACH OUT** TO YOU???? VIA SMOKE SIGNALS??!! Some supernatural powers??

Oh man, I hate depending on other people to finish a fucking job.

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    Just download your colleagues locally, don't depend on a network
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    I have no patience for that shit. I immediately escalate.
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    @alexbrooklyn different office location... unfortunately. Luckily for him though.
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    These people are the kinda people who post "lol other people are my biggest distraction hurrrr" on devRant. Seriously some of the most annoying people I've ever worked with.
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