Indeed, absolutely no issue with the new modern art laravel docs, dipshit.

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    Yes it sucks big time on mobile
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    Yeah mobile web design is really new and hasn't propagated yet to websites that don't have anything to do with web tech. Oh, wait...
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    Lmao people still bitching about the change in design.

    I don’t like change.

    I am one of those people too.

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    @Superviral it's not simply about change, it's about it turning useless on mobile and for a lot of other reasons too, just go to lumen docs to see how good laravel design was before this dogshit.
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    @JoshBent People don't like BAD change specifically. D'oh!

    On the other hand, bad change often happens if people want to simulate progress and do SOME change just to change shit, forgetting that change per se is only a necessary condition for progress, not a sufficient one. I see this a lot in tech.
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    Not align box ... Its possible ? Use same container class ... End
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    @jak645 isn't the thing at the bottom a popup anyway? if not it is as bugged as the laravel font footer
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