Today a co-worker (I am going to call him 'boss') ask to another co-worker (I am goin to call it 'useless piece of shit' or 'ups') to explain to me a new task, becaus boss was to bussy with a new release for a client.

Idk how but ups managed to explain all wrong, like terribly wrong.

Ups: "Dev, all you have to do is fix some queries from local files"

Dev: "Ok, seems legit"

Try the local files, nothing happend

Dev: "weird... ups why this is happening?"

Ups: "I know the same as you, ask boss."

Dev: "boss this."

Boss: "what the actual what? ... this is all wrong. The config file is in mongo, in this IP, we don't use local files anymore. I tell ups to explain this to you so I can atay focused on this other task, but now I lost the double amount of time"

Dev: "oh... sorry, I will fix the remote queries"

I hate ups, every fucking time soneone need something from him this happend or worst...

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