Just wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with writing a window manager for x11? I have decided that would be a good project to kinda work on my c++ and so I can learn how x-server works. Any tips, tricks or references you guys have? The project is on my github called zwm.

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    @ewpratten thanks for the supportive comment. I really would have never though to read that Xlib documentation. Such insight much knowledge
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    what if you try to write one for wayland? I would imagine the experience as more sane.

    in any case, i wish you fruitful results...
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    Why? Wayland is the future!
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    @halfflat no. Absolutely not. Sorry, mate, but such a comparison makes me believe that you do not exactly know what you are talking about.

    Wayland is just a protocol, while systemd is the Cuthulhu of system tools. 😉
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    @halfflat The problem is, that X11 has become a monster.

    A few thoughts:

    * X11 puts a lot of layers between the program and the pixels on the screen

    * Wayland simplifies the graphics stack

    * Everything goes through a GEM/DRM stack and straight into the kernel.

    * It manages compositing itself

    * it is also more secure, since programs can’t access other programs’ windows’ contents.

    * With X11, any app can essentially copy anything in any other app’s windows.

    Please do not compare this (fix all the issues and flaws) with systemd (devour everything)

    Both technically and culturally they are worlds apart.
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    @halfflat well it does feel legacy to me, from my beginner end user perspective.

    Dealing with x config files, xkb and other X related software has felt like ancient software written by aliens. It sure does work.
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