Fuck, now I'm actually somewhat mad how much time those figma plugins could've saved me lol.

Especially things like generating a quick color palette, that immediately pastes them next to the element are so damn useful.

Generating real-life data into text elements, avatars pulled right from an API, auto fetched graphs for example data, all the goodies that make life easier.

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    Figma vs Sketch vs Adobe XD vs Coding by Hands

    What's your verdict?

    I have always preferred coding the templates by my hands. But lately I thought I might be following inefficient path.
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    @cursee As a design tool? I wouldn't prototype via code.
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    @cursee just to further drive my point: moving things freely and visually is much more easier for the prototype / design stage than actually fighting for it to look just like you'd want it to for a quick iteration/idea.
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    @cursee sketch is OSX only, *eks deh* is at premium for much less features than figma (free) nowadays too.

    I've started with *eks deh* myself until I eventually switched over to figma, once *eks deh* went for a premium model for such a delibirate trashbag.
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    @JoshBent time to look into figma. Thank you
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