Open street maps, I know it isn't quite what was asked, but it requires connection to be used and it sends maps chunks as images.

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    not if you download all the chunks and render them from localhost :D
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    @Parzi that works if you don't need to move the map or change zoom, else you need soooo many chunks. :D
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    @NarkoCat well, i mean

    will you really need any more than like a 50 or 100 mile radius from home? and its not like you'll need super high up chunks, not many people zoom out to the state/province or country level, and pmuch no one zooms out to continent level unless it's lost track of you
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    @Parzi I had a project where we didn't opt in openstreetmaps because we needed world map and zoom into multiple parts of the world. And it would be run on a offline machine, so basicly we would need to host half of their chunks.
    PS the zoom would need to be smooth.
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