Hey DevRant Fam, hope everyone is doing very very well of course, once again id like to apologize for my lack of activity, but i'd love to get some great advice from you guys!

Im nearly going into my last semester in which i will be going into my internship!, and recently id love to be open with everyone i got some harsh feedback, which is the first time ever someone opened up to me on this level... i was told that unfortuneately if i wanted to work in such a space as HFT or trading software i really need to up my game in problem solving.. i was told i do struggle to solve problems and personally i do understand how he got to that conclusion because it is the truth that it does take me longer to learn some concepts and its fine :-).

But i'll never give up learning something!, so my internship will be in either Web Development or Front end development, i have not touched base on web dev or front end development because i been heavily working on C# and Java (Android), i'd very much appreciate if someone could give me some great tips of getting back into web dev or front end, im very excited but nervous!.

also guys sorry i do ramble a lot.... but that's just my nature!

Also any advice on internships?, because this is my actual first ever real job in terms of development... :D

Kind Regards,
Milo <3

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    You already possess an important trait that I see missing in a lot of junior _and_ senior devs. The ability to take harsh criticism to heart. Don’t lose that.

    I often recommend exercism.io. Try it out and see if it fits you.
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    @HughRant My friend thank you :-) that honestly was very nice to hear!
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