Don't know if this is true 🤖😮

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    With terrible, lossy compression lol
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    I think you can't really say it that way, because the brain stores data in a completely different way than computers do.
    It's not binary. It's not analog. It's growing links between cells.
    We couldn't save "images" in our brains. We just save these images extremely compressed to basic informations.
    It's partitioned in different states of memory but non of them is reliable.
    And... Well... Why should we save 256 Exabytes of data on a storage device, that will surely loose 90% of it in a day or might at least compress it to basic informations, that could be saved on a simple flashdrive.
    Using brains as storage device is not the way to go. If it would be reliable enough, we probabilities hat never invented writing or even drawing - because to a human with reliable brain-storage that would look useless.
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    @frankg I think brain 2.0 should use Pied Piper.
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    @benzouki What we're currently doing/thinking is stored in our L1/L2 cache. Short term memory is RAM. Long term memory is HDD/SSD. And things our significant others tell us to remember is cold storage.
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    Wow. This should take too long to defrag.
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    Even if we did.... 95% of that "storage" would be corrupt.
    Try thinking back a year and recall a memory; the accuracy of that memory is so unreliable that it's almost useless. At least a terabyte can store memories from a year ago accurately
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    To understand what 5 Exabyte is, imagine storing all spoken words since the day of dawn stored as strings on a hard drive.
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    @frankg I was about to say that good game here is a increment
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