Papaly. It's the closest to what I really want in cloud bookmarks. There have been some outages recently and the bookmark info retrieval script is terribly buggy at times, but it usually does what I want it to, which is give me visual tables of bookmarks. I still haven't found anything I like better.

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    Do you use bookmarks as an offline search engine too?

    I have something on the order of 20-30k bookmarks.

    Never liked cloud bookmarks. If a service is free, I'm always asking "how long before it goes out of business?"
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    @Wisecrack I find a lot of websites that I'd rather not have to do a full search for later, as well as just browsing by topic at times. Because of this, I like to store what I come across in categorized bookmarks. With Papaly, I can do that in a browser-agnostic way (with a nice, Trello-esque interface).

    I like to have lots of tabs open in multiple browsers all at once. It's a bad habit, but it lets me separate sites I'm browsing in some way (not formally organized, but somewhat indirectly organized). When I decide I'm not using a tab, but I might want to go back at some point, it goes in Papaly.

    It also makes a decent research organization tool, as you can dump bookmarks about a given topic into a bookmark board, and sort by sub-topics. There are unlimited duplicates, too, so your bookmarks can go in multiple tables.

    There have been some disturbing outages, so I want a clone that I can control the storage at some point. (I just never get around to making it myself.)
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    All that to say, yes and no?
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