Since a country is considered to be the strongest definition of a group of unified people, consider the following scenario:

Every country makes it mandatory that any foreign company can only sell their software products as free to use softwares, or one time cost software, or a membership software.

These foreign companies are NOT allowed to generate revenue via Advertisement services or data collection/sharing/analysis AT ALL.

The sole right to share/collect data and use Advertisments as a revenue model remains in the hands of domestic companies born, registered and working in that country only.

This would generate an equal chance for both domestic and international companies to grow(domestic companies getting a chance to grow with a better revenue model, while international companies getting a chance to grow by monetising their tools/algorithms and investing in domestic companies) , resulting in countries getting a chance to grow themselves.
Open source will still win, as open source majorly contains tools and technologies for general public use.
Premium tools and frameworks would become even more valuable, and would he shared among countries like the way they share space researches and resources on nuclear technology today.

Privacy will win, as the data of a particular country stayed within a country. Domestic Companies sharing data with other companies (or even their foreign parent companies) would be held against the respective country's laws only, and government would be more involved in protecting its citizens from data theft.

Is it feasible?

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    No, if I decide to use a host from another country I don't want to have to deal with them saying I cannot use my analytics data. Also, I would have to bar foreign users of my systems and limit to just one country for fear of leaking data from another country that could be construed as creating a profit. This sounds like more crappy regulation. Just so NO to regulation, thank you. This kind of thing is what gave us that those stupid cookie warnings on every website.
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    “Country is considered the best definition of a unified group of people.”

    BEEEEEEP. wrong answer.

    Ethnicity and religion are.
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    @Demolishun But don't you think it would be better if you were forced to use resources of your country? Sure, you won't have as fast servers as that of Amazon in California, but someday a startup called , say ramazon opens up a server farm in your country and then you would have even faster ping speeds.

    Also, in a regulated environment, you would be changing your approach towards a particular set of users, and you won't be the first one. Every company will deal with 2 kinds of userbase: local, whose data then can collect and experiment on, and international, whose data they could never collect.
    I am expecting that every software would come and get registered in 2 different packagings
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    @Santaclauze they are also the best definition of racism and cause of civil wars too, but yeah you are right.

    But i guess some American Christian will still not like to have its data spied and analysed by some chinise Christian or vise versa, right?
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    @TitanLannister sure. But i did philosophy at uni and then trained as a dev. So you start your rant with a statement. If the statement is not logical nor sound, it feels like it hasnt been thought about it enough.

    Also while i was trying to be funny its really just constructive feedback ;)

    You could also take into account diasporas or nations. Jewish nation is very very solid for example and goes beyond just religion, Grec diaspora is massive as well, even though each country’s group of grecs express themselves differently.

    Also taken across time, countries mean less and less the longer the fork of time is. Pakistan on existed since the 197os i believe. Same for a lot of ex ussr countries, central Europe with bosnia and yougoslavia as well and so on... And look at africas map, middle east like syria was created after the 2ndWW. Shia vs sunit fight in the arab countries trenscend country identification....

    Sorry ;) thats why it hurt to read that hehe.
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    @TitanLannister No, I live in USA and contract Canadian web hosts. There is literally a minefield of shitty webhosts in the USA. Whytf should I be limited?
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    Pretty sure I don't like being forced to do anything by my government, or any other.
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    Define "best".
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    It would be totally unenforcable. What's the country going to do, block access to software hosted in another country?

    Oh, wait, China.
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    Problem is, that big companies don't care much about local laws. The smaller the country, the more fuck-it-attitude.

    And there are countries where foreign companies are only allowed to start a business if they have a local associate. This is also a kind of patronizing the locals.
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    I am happy with so much constructive criticism this thread generated, thankyou very much . Well looks like my high-on-caffine brain doesn't always produce perfect thoughts. I just got free and i was about to reply all the above comments with the vision i believed in, until i reached @theKarlisK comment.

    The simple answer is no group of body is trustworthy enough to prevent an individual's privacy. Its only in our hands, and that too very partially.

    Well that's all from yesterday's #justAthought folks. See you next time when i get high on coffee xD.
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