Btw, does someone know a search engine where I can exclude whole pages easily? Or a browser plugin?

Because I want to get rid of all those 'Disable Adblock' pages for good...

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    You could use something like pihole instead, or an anti-adblock countermeasure (I've had varying success with those). Otherwise you could probably abuse something like a parental control system to blacklist those sites as you find them.
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    Well, then they will still show up on the search page :s
    I did block all Google ad addresses in my hosts file, so the first 3 entries on Google always lead into nowhere thehe.
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    I was planning on making something for myself this week (Ive a few days off)
    What browser do you use?
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    @Codex404 currently Opera
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    @Emphiliis check https://github.com/stefanjanssen95/...

    Only an hour of work in it by now but it works 🤷‍♂️

    Edit: apparently not in opera, let me debug real quick
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    It does work when you check "allow access to page results" in the extensions details.
    (translated it from Dutch to English so it might be off a bit)
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