I have gained quite a lot of coding confidence recently.

Im quite confident i can deploy a full working application or a mobile app.

I have some inspiration bit i am still not sure of how much work/investment does it take to make something that generates money.

Of course im not including million dollar ideas. No my goal is to make small apps/applications or freelancing jobs off work to generate some extra money (noticeable enough that the investment is worth the return).

Obviously the best way to learn is to dive in and im not asking to know about your golden egg that you are harvesting.

But do you have any tips/advice or experiences to share?

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    Biggest step you can make at least as a student/grad is getting a job. The experience you get from a year of work can easily overshadow what you've learnt in your 3-4 year course.

    Plus "guaranteed money" is a pretty good drive. Especially if you're working on a 6 year old laptop (not talking about macs/ultras, I realize people still love their 2013 mbp's).
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    @Mvzes thanks for the tip. I do have a job. They provided me with good dev tools and i have a great team/processes/boss/project hence the boost in confidence. I have only been there 3 months but after having worked for a startup where i learned on the job and where processes were very immature i feel like a real dev now that can accomplish tasks that i am unfamiliar with.

    I want to save for a house and i want to bring my kids on holidays. I can make time for about 12 hours a week if not 20 if i really push it on side projects or work to cash in more $$$.
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    Thanks for the information.
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