During my studies on the university, while preparing for the linear algebra exam I had a dream where I was a matrix in the Jordan normal form.

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    That's...oddly specific.
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    I have so many questions about this dream. Like, did you interact with other matrices? What was the experience of being a matrix like?
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    Really, no cheap jokes about the Matrix?
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    I was more afraid of being in the kernel of a linear map (in German there were some bad word plays that I forgot).

    Could you dunk a lot in that dream?
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    @Diactoros I think I did, the course in that semester included quite a lot of weird stuff :D I think I was not sure whether I am in the right form and using the proper transformation
    @metamourge well.. no.. follow the blank matrix maybe? ;)
    btw, I made the exam on the first try. Barely, but hey, who cares
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