what the fuck, going through user reviews and seeing countless 1-star reviews about "there are ads at the bottom" or "premium features cost money"

meanwhile, on my side, I am lossing money because of API fees so THEY can experience the app. I would love to make the app free, but I can not. they should try being a dev for a day

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    @M1sf3t I do remove the ads for premium, but android users just do not understand that nothing is free.
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    @Evanb side effect of it being most popular in low income countries.
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    @M1sf3t drag and drop this feature now!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Either a market exists or it doesn't. If your users aren't satisfied, because they feel what you offer for free is not enough - then that's how it is. Maybe you try finding a niche in the market that doesn't exist.

    You can't go ahead and explain users why they should like your product. Either they do, or they don't. If I install an app, being a dev myself, I either like using it and like its financial model - or I don't. Your reasons, no matter how valid they are, are irrelevant to a user.
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