As a techie how loves the climate, I feel like I am living two life's. On one hand, I want to protect my earth, but than I make a app, and Evan though I buy offsets, what about all of the users. Why was I born this way, and can the natural and the man-made coexist? That is the question I must ask myself all day. I am looking to drone powered climate research in a effort to prove to my self they benefit each other, but I just can't. I fucking hate my life rn

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    The man-made is natural. We are part of nature. Beavers build dams, rabbits dig burrows and we build skyscrapers.
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    I'm afraid your use of the earth's resources isn't really the issue, nor mine, nor devrant's. The idea that users like us of resources are to cause in some small part for the climate change is a lie conceived by companies on behalf of the energy industry. The real fault lies in the huge oil merchants, the coal plant owners, the plantation companies in the Americas - sometimes they're European, sometimes they're US, sometimes they're Asian.

    The important thing is that regardless of which country outputs the most trash into rivers and rips apart this world, the drivers of this are the money hungry companies who benefit the most from industrial over-powering everything.

    I'm not recommending the eco-terrorist route. But I'm just saying it's not us.
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