Game devs: Let's make characters as photorealistic as possible.

Some asian girls: Let's try to look as unrealistic as possible:

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    Uh is that a Real Doll?
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    @PyroHornet Not sure. Someone here used that as a reaction in a comment.
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    not dev related
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    @heyheni Game devs are devs too. It's also categorized as random.
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    Courtesy of reverse image search
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    Irony here is the developers, engineers are some of the mostly, err, clients or people to, err, have an interest in silicone ladies. Too busy, or just not good at talking to women -> real doll
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    k-pop guys: let's look like each other!
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    And there's some companies tinkering with adding chatbot functionality to these to give them, err, personality
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    @PyroHornet Thanks for doing that. Even though I was somewhat interested, I didn't deem it necessary to dig deeper.
    I thought at first, that some filter was applied, but the hair in front of her finger looked too good for that (which the filter probably would've covered, too).

    I didn't new that they sell such dolls. Wtf and thanks for your search on that image.
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    Yes, that is a doll, the light reflection on the arm is off.
    Still the OP is right... At least the two categories should soon meet somewhere in the middle and be satisfied with their work.
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    Shit. I was thinking she was that kind of doll-&-onahole.
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