I'd love to develop stuff I find cool for a living and currently doing a first try but right now I can keep this up for a few more months until I have to get a job again :/

Seriously, the amount of motivation I have right now is goddamn high but money is going to become an issue soon.

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    It's fucking hard to balance this, right?
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    Start developing a product: some useful software tool and then you can live off it. I develop gameservers for this one MMO while freelancing remotely for a french startup as a mobile dev. Its not hard, but you need discipline and set yourself clear goals. Problem with many devs is that they are like kids playing in a sandbox going deep down every rabbithole and if there is no one to stop them they wont be productive. Or they are perfectionists and would rathher do one task 150% in a day then 5 tasks at 80% in a day. Thats why they need structure and thats why some brilliant devs get stuck in mediocre and not motivating workplaces because as shitty as these workplaces might be, they still provide a structure, sense of safety and minimum amount of responsibility.
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    @zemaitis Doing this right now but in a few months money will become an issue :/
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    @linuxxx I did this when I saved enough to sustain myself for 2-3 years. It wasnt even that hard I just stopped buying newest tech stuff for a year :D
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    I feel you ! Right now I'm an engineer in a nice company but I don't like what I'm doing.. I find it boring and not challenging enough. I'm thinking of going back to freelance.
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