TL;DR: Tech companies. Don't ask for loyalty if you don't care about your people.

> I'm a gud Dev (and a gud boi).
> The company assing me a cool project.
> The company promised pay me the training. about that suite. They didn't.
> I finish the project and i'd accomplish the task with more effectivity than excepted.
> My company won an interview about "the success case of the implemented software and its integration with our software". They denied me the chance to fly and go to the meet. Instead they will send another guy...
> I asked for a "salary adjust" cos I'm finishing my engineering degree and my good work. They declined.
> Next day I'd present my volunteer job resignation within 15 days (because laws demands that). I have a better job option with +20% my actual salary and a lot of benefits. And they needs me ASAP.
> Everybody look at me shocked and if I am a traitor.

What the f!$-k they did expect?
My unconditional loyalty?

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    Yep. I've been working at this place for a few years, my reviews are always great, they agree in theory that my asks are reasonable, yet it never happens.

    They make this big fuss about having a policy about "being nice" but that doesn't extend to clients and it doesn't extend to how it's not nice if you don't do your job and it causes someone else to have to do extra work. The clients insist on being responsible for project management, then fail to do it, it goes off the rails, they freak out, and then shit rolls downhill. We've been saying for years how nobody should be self-merging PRs. Last week they suggested people self-merge to save time. I wasted so much time last sprint wading through broken garbage their ex-devs decided to self-merge, and we lost even more time because a dev claimed they'd self-merged/finished tasks when they weren't actually done.

    I'm leaving soon and I'm sure they'll act confused, but I've been asking for the same things for years and nothing changes.
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