Dialogflow documentation is ABSOLUTE TRASH. Trying to run the example code? It gives you a super helpful error: `Unexpected error determining execution environment`. Uh, yes, indeed. What it means? IT MEANS THAT YOU PROVIDED NO CREDENTIALS. Because, as we all know, providing no credentials should end in an error of 'determining execution environment', of fucking course.
You want to know how to provide credentials? Think again, all examples in the ENTIRE DOCUMENTATION assume that you're running the code... from their servers. Seriously. You wanna know how to authenticate your shit? NOT IN THIS DOCUMENTATION, LOSER. You want to know what exactly is happening when you're initializing your client with `new dialogflow.SessionsClient()`? Good luck, documentation is on another platform. For .NET. Because fuck you.
Also, you think you can store your auth info in a neat .env file? THINK AGAIN, because google is above such petty things as industry standards, you're getting a .json file and you're gonna like it, HAVE FUCKING FUN.

Dear google, die in a fire.
Sincerely yours.

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    Oh, not just the documentation.
    Their support team is trash too. They don't give a shit about their product.
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