Dude! I have this amazing idea for a website! It's like a social network but for videos!
- uh like youtube?
No! Totally different because in this social network you could share the videos with your friends.
- so... like youtube
No man! Cause you could also rate and comment the videos!
- like youtube?
No! You're just not getting it man!

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    You are not alone...
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    -so...like youtube?
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    @milivojevicu duuuude! NOTHING like youtube. What part of a social network where you can watch, share, comment, rate, subscribe, like videos does ppl don't understand?
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    @DLMousey pfff..."dude we don't need Amazon... I have an old computer I'm not using anymore. We can use it as a server and save us a ton of money!"
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    @DLMousey now you're getting it! Also have visit counters. Those are relevant.
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    @DLMousey wordpress for sure. I hear it has some awesome free themes we can use.
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    @DLMousey @palecio this is making me sick! Stop it guys!
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    Just loving the comments here. Don't know what to add
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    How about a script which puts stupid fucking rainbow tails on the user's mouse?
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    Or instagram? Or Facebook? Or Twitter? Or any other social media service now-a-days
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    We could let the video owner use custom CSS on our table based design. That was each comment can have it's own text and background color.
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    Love how this Rant has now basically become a thread for shit-posting all the bad design elements of Early Internet. Good Stuff.
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    Sounded alot like yt... :/
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