Boss: I'm thinking something like a facebook wall...

For a site where people access once, download what they need, and never come back.

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    I have thought some sort of anonymous, temporary file sharing site might be useful/desirable for a certain crowd... Not really sure how you'd monetize that though
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    Maybe boss should rethink the business model so people keep visiting.
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    @Jumpshot44 I think the value, for a 'certain crowd' is in not worrying about someone tracing content that you've shared past a certain expiration point
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    Here's a business model: temporary file hosting/sharing where the number of people who can access the file is capped and for a certain time. This decreases the legal liability from hosting questionable content, and decreases the liability to the uploader or such content. Content may be encrypted and only accessed by those with correct keys, or some other crypto schemes could be implemented along the lines of secret-sharing methods (content is only available to individuals in a group once a quorum has been reached).

    One monetization possibility is to offer paid accounts that offer more 'features' such as increasing accessibility (increasing the cap on how many can access the content).
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    @Jumpshot44 Majority of users do this, some do more things, but yes, boss didn't get business model.
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