Fuck this day!
Like really fuck it!
I have one of the most terrible crunch-time i ever experienced.
I’v been working 12+ hours every day with an ever-changing project timeline.
It started simple, we made a timeline, it was risky even then but it was realistic, we started working immideatly, everything looked good then a few days in BOOM! Actually our project management completely forgot client B’s projects soo we need to do that too with the same fucking deadline!!! (About 10x more work in waay less time)
Then this morning i got an email from the graphics team that we need to document our design process RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Because management wants documentations, in the middle of a fucking crunch-time.
Today it almost got physical with my project manager, i told him that he is not a programmer, i dont fucking care about his shit, just fuck off and let me work because we won’t be ready based on his unrealistic bs.
I feel like completely fucked over, like we were told 2 days before deadline that the whole company and people’s jobs depends on us now because if we wont finish this clients won’t pay.
WE ARE TWO PROGRAMMERS for studio of 10-12 people!!!
Soo i’w been thinking about getting the fuck out of here ASAP, i got an offer from a pretty big international gamedev company just what i needed, i already did their test before all of this, i passed A+.
We scheduled a skype interview for today. I had completely no time to prepare or chill off, just got out of the office, got into a starbucks and i’m interviewing. No time to even check my mic or internet, the call was so shit i could not hear anything, they neither because the plaza was loud af. Meanwhile im nervous about work, about the interview, about can they hear me at all because of the noise. I fucked it up. BIG time! I was so done i could not reverse a fucking string in c++ or explain what is a signed int!!!
Needless to say they said no.
Need time to think about it or realize what happened? Nice dreams. Back to the office and continue working.
I can’t do this anymore. My girlfriend came for me and took me home at 10pm but all i could do was stare at the floor on the subway. I don’t want people to lose their jobs but i just phisically can’t do this anymore.
Meanwhile any time i talk to my project manager about being tired he says like “hshshsbsb i have 60 hours in the last 4 days i got the worst part, i would be grateful in your place..” like fuck off dude, i dont give fuck about how you feel about this. This is not okay for me, you did this to the project, your fucking job is to manage it! I have one day off before going back to this, i have completely no idea what to do now...

[ps: this is not Nemesys. They did not let me work on my own stuff because i would be a competitor, so i left.]

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    If people lose their job its not your fault. Its management and sales.
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    stay strong brother, it's not your fault
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    "i have 60 hours in the last 4 days i got the worst part, i would be grateful in your place"

    Ah, that's so clichee. A typical way to dismiss your concerns because someone, somewhere is worse off. But by that logic, someone somewhere is better off, so you have all the right to complain.

    In reality, your concerns are entirely independent from others'.

    About your situation... sometimes a project just has to fail. Don't burn yourself out. Don't view saving projects as your duty. The saying "A lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine" is a little harsh most of the time, but in this case they screwed you over, twice.
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    @VaderNT There's also the art of strategic project fails.

    The thing is, management puts out unrealistic deadlines, a lot of overtime happens, and if it succeeds, management will only "learn" they were right so that they will hand out even tighter deadlines next times.

    Strategic project failure means out to pick a project that is important, but not absolutely vital and let that fail deliberately.

    And then throw it back to management that they squeezed the schedule without providing the means to achieve the squeeze. It also involves keeping an email trail and then taking initiative in the blame game before management gets around to it.
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    @Fast-Nop fucking. well. said.
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