I met my girlfriend cooking. She has no programming experience whatsoever and is quite computer illiterate. But that's fine as that's not something I need in a partner.

She regularly asks me what I'm working on. I'll try to explain it, and sometimes she definitely gets it, but sometimes she's clearly lost as fuck. She'll enthusiastically say things like "that's awesome honey!" To things that are just explanations. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Most of the time it leaves me in this weird confused state, like she's just pandering.

But I know she means well and wishes me the best. She's an amazing woman, and even if she doesn't get a single thing I try to explain, I'd much rather be with that than the "Why the fuck are you always playing on the computer?" Types of people I meet far more often.

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    She sounds like a keeper to me.
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    @duckWit for many reasons, yeah
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    Same, sounds like a keeper :D
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    @torbuntu Well I've tutored for years and more recently run an educational YouTube channel. Both of which I've received commendation for my teaching of concepts, typically over what people encountered at Uni, so I'd like to think I teach well. I figure it's just brute forcing in her case. Little bits will stick until eventually she "gets it". I can't fault her, that's how I had to learn functional programming since at the time it was explained so badly everywhere; it's better now.
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    That's cool. You're a lucky man.
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    @torbuntu I don't want to scare you, but she might be a spy.
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    @Jilano I mostly do FOSS, so *shrug*
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    @pk76 Is there that much food stuck between your teeth?
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    Just keep in mind that people change through time, for the worst or the better.
    Computer illiteracy can make it far easier for the worst changes to keep feeding itself.
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    Plot twist: He has been talking to Alexis...

    Seriously: good find!
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    @pk76 that's just adorable! :')
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    69 ++'s. Nice.
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    Your story inspiration for women's
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    Good work 💼
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    @torbuntu My gf and her friend were in my room once when I was coding in android studio. I was debugging on two devices when my gf asked me "why're you debugging on two phones". I'm like, how do you know what debugging means????! I teach her java sometimes though but I didn't even expect her to know I was debugging.
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    I don't even have a gf 😢😭 ,me lonely
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