Can I just say, fuck app wrappers.

Why? Well let me tell you the story of cordova.

My plan was to make a leaderboard kind of thing for the tablesoccer we do at the place I'm interning at.

How it would work:
app -> create game -> API -> live feed
Buttons (flic) -> API
API -> RTU -> live feed

They use Symfony internally and externally, so that was my first go to.

I couldn't find any way to do Symfony that can do RTU without running another service.

As they really want an app but it's not their core domain I looked around for options for wrappers and decided to put RTU on the backburner.

Setting up cordova was slightly annoying but was okay. I got to building the base app.

Then I thought, maybe let's get RTU working with cordova. Looked at the options that were available. Decided to check out socketio since it had an tutorial for cordova. Tried it and it didn't work. Went over the whole internet but nobody seems to have a solution that works (the most recent post being 2017)

So I thought, let's get websockets to work instead, but again. Seems like O just can't get it to work.

So, guess what I'm going to do?
AJAX ever 1 second to the API.

Why the hell does RTU have to be so hard cordova. You are the only open source wrapper that's both multiplatform and easy to set up. Why can't you just work...

I might just call it quits on the app and just make a mobile friendly website instead.. Where socketio and websockets just work. As does SSE..

I'm tired, so sorry for the rambling I hope somebody can make sense of this mess.

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