Another day I have to analyze what an outsourced Indian guy is saying. I'm going insane >.<

I don't want to hate, but the dialect is just killing me.

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    Can yu gou du de meeding and dell each and evri one
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    Oof, sounds painful
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    @sudocode *insert random head wobbling while speaking*
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    Their code is even worst to understand. Good luck working with the project they'll be coding on.
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    Noticed this rant is getting a few negative votes. Someone is taking this personally, and I would rather hear if this rant/opinion somewhat touches them in day to day life or are they just a childish cunt.
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    Have the same! But I also have the same with Dutch people (I'm Dutch) speaking English with a veeery dutch accent/dialect 😅
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    @linuxxx And then they think they speak it brilliantly.
    Sure you get to hear it all the time here. But it's false confidence like when you hear a song all the time in a language you don't know. You feel confident that you know the text but it's way off in many instances.
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