that moment when whatever you do, doesn't change the eroooooorrrrrrrr message.


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    Cache, and a stuck debugger
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    Are you editing a wrong file?
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    All it takes, sometimes, is a restart
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    @asgs life? Or the program?
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    thanks, I have a question - how to debug the code in php - which is run based on the ajax call.

    Right now all I do is comment the previous function, and return the current functions code and console log the result.

    Is there any easier way...

    new to backend. I've done ajax and stuff with api - just with frontend though
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    @alexbrooklyn difficult to answer that
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    @minsomai try xdebug with phpstorm
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    unit test?
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    @coffeeholic what is this magical fairy tale word 'unit test' you speak of?
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    National Rant.
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    I had that the other day. Working with graphQL React.js and Ruby on Rails.

    We have cookies implement3e for security and we needed to not apply them in certain situations. So we added a list of graphQL methods to. A list of exceptions . well turns out that graphql is not case sensitive but the list of exception called in the method is. Me being a FE, i didnt pick up on it. Took me 7 hours with the exactly the same error message...
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    @Santaclauze totally relatable
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