Feeling blessed, left the army after 5 years, 3 deployments, to attend 3 years of computer science school and get a stable lifestyle.
I've got a supporting girlfriend, mentally never felt better, and for the next 3 years, this is my seat and view in class !
Happy coding all, and have a nice day✌️

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    Best wishes for your future!!!
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    Wholesome post :D
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    Nice! Out of curiosity, were you thinking of going into computer science before joining the army?
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    @Chrupiter no not at all, originally wanted to be combat unit, but got into coms unit, there i got a powershell course after four years, and never really felt at my place, but that sparked my love for consol coding/ programming, and then i canceled my contract in the army and went for it 💻
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    Where did you serve? In which country?
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    @chessajedrez Afghanistan, Iraq, and Turkey 👍
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    Army guy who codes !!! Nobody's gonna mess with this badass developer 🤣
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    Major kudos!
    (Pun not intended.)
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