I am now working on some pdf generating, trying to create pdf/a conforming documents and oh boy, what an ugly world that is.. not only there are some nontrivial requirements for the documents, but the only suitable (and expensive) library we could find so far for this is poorly documented, has horrible interface (for a simple programmer who "just wants to create a pdf, man") and even the stackoverflow cannot help with some issues.. fml

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    which expensive library did you use?

    There is PDFkit which uses WebAssembly on the client side. That way you can outsource the computing power to the client and save yourself an expensive Acrobat Server licence and save traffic.

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    @heyheni itext.. we were considering some other, but those simply did not meet some of our requirements (pdf/a format, generating from html, input fields, blablabla), so right now we are stuck to his.
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    I pity you for having to deal with this devil's spawn called PDF.
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