For some reason nothing i've been working on has been satisfactory lately (failed code reviews requiring me to re do the code).

The better way to do things seem so obvious after I speak to my seniors and I don't understand why the solutions never occurred to me.

Anyone ever feel like they're getting worse at programming?

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    Looking back at my past projects rather makes me feel that I improve, because I now see mistakes I have made and how I could have done things differently (better).
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    I know I'm doing worse than I should when I forget to use sudo to run commands...
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    Burnout, change of meds, recent lifestyle changes or diet changes, relationship changes, stress, lack of experience in a subject, distractions in workplace...

    Pick your poison, any of these and more can cause what you're describing, sometimes you just need to reset your head properly, I'd suggest you take a vacation for a week or two and relax tbh, a particularly poor skill streak is probably caused by outside forces and you just need time to re-adjust imo
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