A tip to tech folks from my personal xp.

If you fuck up and make an impacting mistake in your company, like taking PROD down, noone is going to fire you on spot. Assign some more mandatory trainings - maybe. So you'd be more careful next time.

See, it's not worth getting rid of someone who made a mistake. You should be seated down and insisted to fix it. If you don't - then they might consider firing it. If you do fix it [with help or alone] - you become a more valuable asset to the company as you prove you are responsible for your actions and you take it seriously. You show that you can clean up your own shit and you don't need a babysiter next to you.

If you simply make a mistake and they replace you with someone else, that someone else is likely to be unaware of your mistakes and is doomed to repeat them. It's just bad for business.

Ofc if you making mistakes becomes a tendency rather than an exception, it's also a red flag for the business.

Don't get too laxed! And always answer for your shit. Never hide a fuckup - always alarm about it asap so that corrective actions could be taken by respective organs of the company while you are fixing it.
Come up with an action plan, announce it. Estimate resources you need [like help from others] - announce that too. Update concerned parties every half an hour or so about the status. If you find you need anything else while fixing it or you come across some blockers/delays/change of impact - always announce asap. Do avoid false alarms and disinformation.

// inspired by someone's rant today

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    Send this to all managers pls
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    @alexbrooklyn they already know this :) also I guess there are also managers among us, in dR
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    Aligns perfectly with my experience too. If you own your mistakes and you're humble about it, no-one gives a damn.

    If you try and hide them, or blame others, that's the attitude that will get you fired (not the mistake.)
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    And that is the big issue with politicians and higher management position with a public nature.

    One mistake and they resign, often forced by the "public opinion". And then the next incompetent guy pitches in. No chance to ever learn from mistakes.
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    @reij how what?
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    @netikras sorry just needed points for my avatar :D
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    Fuck it all up is the best way to learn, fix it is the best way to grow up.
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