So, Terminator : Dark Fate was in the cinema. Not as good as I had expected, and Hollywood's contemporary in-your-face leftist propaganda made it even weaker.

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    Shocking lol
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    @M1sf3t Didn't see that movie. But there are plenty of moments in this one - though I'm hesitating to mention some because that might spoiler folks who havn't seen the movie yet.
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    @M1sf3t that fucking scene... it only needed one female hero yelling something fucking corny like "FLOWERRRR POWERRRRR".

    All I could think of when I watched it was "look out boy! here come the LAYDEEEEES" in bill burr's voice.

    like what the fuck were they doing in the midst of the battle? it looked like they all stopped fucking fighting to be like "ok, girls, are you ready? are you fabulous?"

    the only point where you do a fucking marvel type stylized lunge forward is at the start of a battle.
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    Yeah they're really trying to cram it down your throat now. Rather than just put women in a role with authority they go out of their way to make men look weak and pump tires for the entire movie
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    heh.. I envy you. Me and my wife went to see a movie yesterday. Choices were: Terminator, Jocker or Paradise Hills. Ofc wife voted for Paradise Hills.

    Boy is that 2 hours of my life I'm never getting back... I wich I could at least convince her to pick Terminator (Jocker would've been mu #1 choice but she did not feel like leaving the cinema being depressed)

    My point: it could be worse, man.
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    @beegC0de I mean, Ellen Ripley was already in the fucking 70s, and Sarah Connor in T2 in the 90s, so that was never a problem - if done well.
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    @Fast-Nop fuck yeah, the ellen ripley character fucking earned it, gender was never an issue.

    go figure, write a good character&story and it succeeds, no need to force quotas.

    but even with ellen, some people try to insert agenda because her warnings get ignored on the meeting scene in aliens.

    which is fucking ridiculous, they ignore her warnings because they are an evil corporation, whether they are anti women is secondary, they just want to weaponize the aliens. they would have ignored a dude as well.
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    @jesustricks Yep, and also, we know that we are watching an Alien movie, but the characters -or most of them- don't. The attitude of "we have everything under control until ooops" is realistic even in real life (ehm.. yeah).

    Oh and another memorable female badass character is of course Black Mamba (Uma Thurman) in Kill Bill. Oppose that to e.g. Rey in that SJW Wars movies, and the difference is just striking.
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    You'd think that IMDb would be a better platform for this
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    @torpkev That's why it's under random, and the terminator series are about an AI after all.
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    I knew it since i watched fucking trailer
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    They should make
    terminator vs zombie
    terminator vs alien
    terminator vs predator
    robots vs aliens
    robots vs zombies
    those should be slashers.

    I would like to watch it stoned.
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    Has someone noticed the not-so recent trend of Hollywood kowtowing to forcefully insert Chinese content in the movies, to get a piece of that lucrative market by pleasing the censors there 🤔 This could make them potentially a tool for propaganda
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    @programmer Hollywood has always been also a propaganda tool, but that didn't keep them from making good movies. E.g. Black Hawk Down comes to mind where the Pentagon actively cooperated with staff and material.
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    For me, it was pretty good. Not as good as 1 or 2, but a far better sequel than any of the others. I liked seeing Linda and Arnold again, and I'm cool with them not carrying the whole thing.

    I didn't see any propaganda in it, so I don't know what you are talking about.
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