Have you ever seen someone getting fired for an email? If so, what was in it?

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    A guy was let go after he forwarded some documents to his personal email account to study during his spare time. The documents belonged to a Banking client and the rules were clearly set as to what could be forwarded or not

    It is sad as he didn't have evil intentions
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    I did hear about someone who allegedly took liberties with sensitive information in 30K+ emails. They were subsequently passed over for a high level position. Not fired, just passed over.
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    @asgs This is actually a very good lesson... I can see myself doing something similar for studying purposes. Thank you for sharing!
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    True story: several years ago at a company I was working in, a trader meant to send a very inappropriate joke to just his mates on the trading floor, but managed to send it to the whole company. His feet didn't touch the floor as he was swiftly escorted from the premises.
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    Emailing out a March madness bracket office contest. There were cash prizes for the top 4 brackets. The company was a government contractor, and the employee was fired for "using government equipment for gambling".
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    I wasn't technically fired, but treated like a subhuman by my boss until I quit.

    The e-mail's content was rather harmless objectively. But my boss felt I was going over his head (I wasn't) and felt I was publicly shaming him for a bad decision he made (I wasn't, I was just asking for confirmation because I only heard of his decision indirectly).

    In short, someone in power felt threatened and went ballistic to defend his power.
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    @VaderNT Jeez! Hope you're doing better now.
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    @piehole yes I am, thank you. 😊
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    some dude decided to send a 40 MB video to all 6500 members of my company.
    Notes was down for a while and a decent amount of work time was lost
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    @kleopi So, someone was fired because of incorrect backend settings of a mail server..?
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