What is the point of removing code that will literally be added back in on another story? I just don't get it. I am in the code. It took two seconds to fix it but because it is not part of the story that i am working on someone is going back and ripping it out even though the next story is to put it in. Don't fucking complain to me because we are behind on this fucking project.

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    Git checkout -b NextStory
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    OP, I'll be the arse who kindaa agrees with not making unrelated changes.

    Number one:
    If one small unrelated change comes in then another does, in the next PR. And then two more from two other devs. And then after a while our PRs are half refactors and half of actual story implementations. That's not clean at all, let alone the fact that whoever will be reviewing the code will be wondering what's happening here.

    Number two:
    I've seen a couple of such "2 sec fixes" that were just added as a part of an unrelated story implementation that actually ended up breaking stuff. Safest is to revert right? But then you have to revert the whole functionality you've implemented together with the "2 sec fix".

    I'd leave the code as is but I'd right away create a little ticket to implement the 2 sec fix, maybe even a branch of a branch and then rebase. If it's really a 2 sec fix it'll be a no brainer to review and merge.

    I'm a purist.. I know.
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